Tourism - Cossano Belbo

The City of Cossano Belbo has always had an eye for tourism knowing dell'invidiabile location and originality of our beautiful hills of the Langhe. Not by chance was among the supporters in 1994 Office ATL Alba Bra Langhe and Roero Alba. Over the years many initiatives have been made for a worthy reception of tourists who reach our territory.
Scala Santa

The City has restored some paths paths, most notably that of the Scala Santa, a route that starting from the church of S.Libera door to that of S.Bovo with a breathtaking pass on pontine elevated on Rio Chiappea, ascent of the true Holy Stairs composed of over 120 inerpicanti steps on the hill surrounded by a dense forest and the visit of an original "Crutin" or rooms dug into the tuff with the exhibition of equipment typical peasant. During the Second World War , local resistance partisans used it to hide weapons and keep cool natural foodstuff.



Farmhouses :
  • Cascina Serra Place. Oak Sollito 30 Cossano Belbo Tel. 0141 88572
  • Farmhouse La Rovere with two structures
    • Farmhouse La Rovere Place. Oak Sollito 18 0141 88256
    • Holiday Rovere Place. Oak Church 0141 88256
  • Farm S.Bovo Place. S.Bovo Road Pianelle 16 Tel. 0141 8832
Restaurants :
  • Trattoria della Posta Course Flli.Negro 0141 88126 • Closed Sunday evening and Monday
  • Restaurant Universe Via Fallen for the Fatherland 0141 88167 • Closed Monday and Tuesday
  • Farm S.Bovo Place. S. Bovo Road Pianelle 0141 88328 • Closed Mondays
  • Agriturismo Near Soprano Place. S.Libera S.Anna 0141 88393 • Closed Mondays
  • Ristorante Pizzeria La Lanterna Piazza Calleri 0141 88570 • Closed Tuesday