Welfare - Lequio Berria

New summer initiative targata RDR in the heart of’ ALTA LANGA.

From 23 June to 18 July collaboration between RDR ASSOCIATION and the social WELFARE SERVICE of the community’ MONTANA ALTA LANGA materialize a four-week summer project involving several municipalities of the ALTA LANGA and especially LEQUIO BERRIA, where the promotion of municipal administration in addition to the two traditional weeks past the proposed summer service continued for another two, up to 18 July precisely. Holiday homework, Games, workshops, but also excursions to the discovery of the territory, interchange with peers from other countries, the traditional trip to the Caravelle and the RDR GAMES in BOSSOLASCO, the day of games with all the summer centres RDR: There are so many proposals arising from a synergy that sees for the first year the Association accompanied by the Comunità Montana RDR in promoting group activities for children. Participation is open to all children attending the last year of kindergarten to middle school, with an inscription on a weekly basis and cost reductions in the case of partial frequency or financial hardship. Information is available by contacting the Teacher Monica Oaks (340.2287229), or the RDR (348.4948033)