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This project 'was born in 2011 and and 'evolving, where some artists from various parts of Italy, with imagination and professionalism ', have drawn on the walls of houses with fairy tales theme wolf, creating in the streets of the town a magical fairytale atmosphere.

The word MURALES indicates a painting executed on the walls of houses, the designs and colors on the walls can tell labors, complaints and moments of everyday life, often in the paintings you can read illnesses, suffering and hope. The cultural phenomenon of the mural originated in Sardinia where there are centers like ORGOSOLO, famous for his paintings of protest, SAN sperate VILLAMAR E Serramanna. Today the murals are made in various countries of Italy with the purpose of enhancing the city creating an open-air museum without walls that roof the sky and is open every day of the year at any time.

Our project and 'born thanks to an idea of ​​oreste horse, we chose to draw on the wolf tales inspired by the name of our country.

Life Path (at Area Equipped Camper)

It is a path in stages, along which were installed several fixed gear (bars, pali, benches, steps), at regular distances from each other. Beside each tool a sign explaining how to do the exercise correctly and how many times, depending chel'utilizzatore either an athlete or a person without training. Following the path, from the first to the last sign, you run a training program correctly, healthy and useful for physical fitness and heart health, and of the whole organism. As already mentioned, the exercises are designed for those who are not trained, for children, seniors. Each, then, must adapt the exercise to their means; you should never overdo, you must stop when you realize to be close to their limits. If you are not able to perform the entire program is better to reduce the frequency of exercises (ie do an exercise, for example, five times instead of ten), rather “jump over” a tool. Questoperché each of them exerts a precise stimulation on the organism. For breath, you can travel the distance between a tool and the other walking and breathing slowly, instead of running. Take a few minutes (even daily) to keep fit and healthy. Links to Service:Equipped Area Camper


St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio

At the time when St. Francis lived in the city of Gubbio, in the surrounding countryside appeared a terrible and ferocious wolf, which devoured all the animals. The built-up areas of the city were so frightened, nobody dared to get out of town. Decided, then to arm themselves and begin the hunt for the wolf. San Francesco, then, had compassion of men and decided to go into the wolf. When the wolf came up to her with his mouth wide open, St. Francis approached, calling “brother wolf” and commanded him in the name of Christ not to hurt anyone. Miraculously, just made the sign of the cross, the terrible wolf stopped, then came meek and lay at the feet of St. Francis. Then the Holy One said that it was time to make peace with men: if the wolf had observed, without hurting either man or other animals, he would have done to feed the men of that city for life. The wolf promised bowing her head so, then lifted her leg and placed it in the hand of St. Francis. Then the saint ordered him to follow him without fear. The wolf followed him like a meek lamb. The people were amazed and very quickly the news spread throughout the city, Then the saint spoke of the promise made by the wolf to make peace with men as long as men every day to sustain provvedessero Wolf. All unanimously promised. In the face of all the people, at the request of St. Francis, The wolf lifted his right paw and placed it above the hand of the holy. Following this, all began to praise and bless God. The wolf lived two years at Gubbio and went like a pet door to door without hurting anyone and without anyone to do to him, fed generously by the people, without which no dog barked the. Two years later he died of old age. The citizens regretted very, because, seeing him go gentle for the city, they remembered the virtues and holiness of St. Francis. From "The Little Flowers of St. Francis"

San francesco ed il Lupo
Il Lupo Fifone

There once was a wolf that had a lot of fear, and it was only because the night was very dark. To be brave howled, but they all ran away scared. He wanted to talk to someone, but around him was empty, there was no. The wolf, for sadness, piangeva e ululava, when he saw a sheep that came up. "Courage!"Said the sheep," We are here I. Do not be afraid: a wolf crying, does not make a good impression!”

Il Lupo fifone
The Wolf and the Dog: Freedom and Slavery

A wolf, all stunted by hunger, meets a well-fed dog. "What did you eat for being so fat? I, which are much stronger than you, dying of hunger. "" You will only pay the same service to my master: guard the house and remove the thieves ". "But that cos' is stripping you on the neck?"Asked the wolf. "Why keep me tied to the chain!"Replied the dog. "Farewell, dear!"Said the wolf" Enjoy your well joys; I do not barter my freedom for a kingdom!”

Il Lupo e il Cane
The Wolf and the Seven Kids

An old goat had seven little, a little 'careless and disobedient. One day, having to go to get in supplies, called the little kids and it was recommended not to open the wolf: "The wretch often disguises, but you will recognize it by his hoarse voice and black paws. "Shortly after, the wolf knocked on the door, but the little kids recognized him by his voice hoarse and his black legs. After the paw with whitened flour, the wolf returned from kids. Seeing the white paw the little kids opened the door . When they saw the wolf , tried to hide, But the wolf found them and swallowed them, except one, which was well hidden. Then the wolf went to sleep under a tree . When the goat returned, desperately tried his kids, until finally, he found the smallest. Bravely ran out in search of the wolf. When they found him asleep , ran home and to take scissors, needle and thread. So the goat cut his belly and all six kids jumped out alive and well. So mother goat filled with stones his belly. When he awoke, very thirsty, approached the fountain and bent down to drink, but the weight of the stones pulled him down and miserably drowned. Kids with their mother they danced for joy around the fountain.

Il Lupo e i 7 Capretti
Godmother appears and the Fox 's luv

An old woodcutter was returning home through the forest. Suddenly he heard a moan: saw a wolf that had been trapped with its tail, under his own buttock. The wolf begged someone to help him. The poor woodcutter, impietositosi, freed him. But the wolf, freed, immediately became aggressive and said he would have devoured, because they had not eaten for three days. "It 'so that thank me for the benefit that I have made?"" Never trust the benefits received!"Replied the wolf," But if you do not believe me, let's ask someone, to see who is right. But, whether they will be in three to give me reason, you already know what will be your judgment "met a dog all shabby, who said that absolutely not be trusted favors facts. Even a donkey, poorly reduced, confirmed the thesis of the wolf. At Last, also asked the fox. The fox, but, not trusting the wolf, stated that , to better understand the situation, you had to go back and see with his own eyes the situation. The wolf, then, to explain how they had gone the facts, is trapped again the tail under his buttock. "Bravo shows" the fox said, "Please continue to be so, because the issue is resolved!"The woodcutter happy, resumed his way home.

Comere la Volpe
The sheep Chiaretta

The tale tells the adventure of a sheep, Chiaretta, that, in front of 'attack, rather grotesque of a wolf, bursts out in laughter, creating disbelief and dismay attacker. Calmly and cunning, Chiaretta, not only converts the wolf to the benefits of a healthy diet and vegetarian food, but also to appreciate the charm of the nature that surrounds them. Kidnapped by a pack of hungry wolves, Chiaretta is saved by the "wolf vegetarian" and, happy to meet together again, decide to stay friends forever. Moral of the story: Faces the danger with the utmost calm and transform an enemy into an ally

La pecora Chiaretta
The Third Pig

This is a fairy tale in reverse, and begins when the wolf came to the house of the third little pig, that was not brick, but straw. The wolf, after swallowing many tablespoons of cough syrup, soffiò, soffiò, soffiò! The breath, after all that syrup, was so powerful that it lifted the whole house and the pig flew up in the sky. The thatched house began to fly higher and higher, increasingly far, to chissadove, which is the land of the pigs flying.

Il terzo Porcellino
The Prince Ivan, Bird of Fire and the Grey Wolf

In the garden of Tsar Berendey, grew a tree that bore golden apples. One night someone stole the precious apples. Lo zar diede, then, the assignment to his three sons to track down the thief. The younger son, Prince Ivan, discovered that the author of the theft was a wonderful bird with feathers of fire. The old Tsar ordered the three children to go for the world to seek the Firebird. Only Prince Ivan, flanked by a gray wolf, managed, after overcoming numerous difficulties and arduous, to track the bird of fire and to return to his father, along with the beautiful Princess Helen, who became his bride.

Il Principe Ivan
The Wolf and the Stork LA FONTAINE

The Wolves are beasts, and,they eat always with great avidity. One day one of these in the company,gluttony by eating like crazy,fell a bone in his throat. With quell'affar conflict among all'ugolache strangles the word,Saria dead, if trarglielo throat,Stork piacol not there came a beak. With really shot by Lupo cerusicoil freed. So he asked himself the good graziaper.- You jokes, – said the Wolf, – indeed thanked your dead relatives,if the neck I left you'll go out from the teeth. Begone, or wicked,learn to be grateful, and prays the santidi tornar not in my sight before .

Il Lupo e la Cicogna
The Lion, the Wolf and the Fox

A leone, become old, lay sick in a cave. All animals, except the fox, came to visit their king. The wolf, then, began to accuse the fox in front of the lion: it took no estimate their sovereign, in fact it is not even coming to visit. But just then came the fox and he could hear the last words of the wolf. The fox, therefore begged the lion to grant it the opportunity to justify, saying: “I went around everywhere, to ask the doctors a remedy that you availed himself and that I am able to find”. Immediately the lion urged her to report what was the cure to heal and the fox declared: “Guarirai is your, a wolf skinned alive, I'll wear the fur still hot”. And just lay the wolf killed, the fox said, laughing so: “We must not push the master hostility, but the benevolence”. The fable teaches that those who plot against the other pitfalls, if they see themselves backfire. learn to be grateful, and prays the santidi tornar not in my sight before -

Little Red Riding Hood

There once was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood, because he always wore a cape with hood red. One day her mother asked her to bring a basket of muffins to her grandmother who lived beyond the forest and advised her to be careful and not stopping to talk to anyone. After a few minutes walk, Little Red Riding Hood met a wolf scary, who asked where he was going. The small replied that went from grandmother; then the wolf a contest. The child, ( without listening to the words of the mother,) decided to accept and started. Wolf chose the shortest way and came first to the house of her grandmother; then pretending to be her granddaughter, became open and so, if devoured in one gulp. Wore, and then, her nightgown, the cuffietta, glasses and slipped under the covers waiting for Little Red Riding Hood. When this came, was surprised to see his grandmother with big hands, large ears and mouth huge. The wolf, making a leap, the inghiottì, then fell asleep. Meanwhile, near the house, passed a hunter who was attracted by the loud snoring. As soon as he saw the wolf sleeping on the bed, with the belly and mouth open, imagined all. He took the scissors and cut the belly of the wolf. Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother came out happy.

Cappuccetto Rosso