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The small and pretty town of Trezzo Tinella, comfortable in the Alta Langa, occupies a vast territory located at different altitudes ranging from a minimum of 304 m. up to a massino of 712 m. The center of the country, which currently houses the church with the rectory and the Town Hall, was once the site of a castle, of which only the tower was left, collapsed in 1969. Of crucial importance were, in addition to, kindergarten and schools attended to 1986. Trezzo has scattered houses and farmsteads characterized by particular names, even of Roman origin. Each of them carries with it all those traditions that from the very dawn of the Community have come down to our days.

Historical Background: in 973 d.C., in a diploma of Emperor Otto, Trezzo Tinella is named with the name of Terse(the diploma of the emperor was referring to donations to the Church of Asti). But having found two stelae and other Roman artefacts, the site is definitely the oldest. In 1879, during excavations to achieve a railway line (ever made), it was discovered the route of a Roman road, Via Magistra Langarum, that branched off along the Italian Riviera, touching Cortemilia, Alba and the neighboring countries of Rocchetta Belbo, Castino, Mango, up to go to Arguello (in the area have also been found brooches and buckles in bronze Lombard [near Castino, I remind the readers, that the Lombard king Liutprand, He built a monastery]). One of the stele found, is the first half of the first century. d.C. The etymology of Trezzo, probably derives from the Roman name a few (I suggest as scholars of Roman inscriptions), Troecius e Tinella, from the river or from the valley of the same name. In places Naranzana, just down the street Magistra Langarum, are still found relics and carved stones. The territory of Trezzo, already a possession of Boniface del Vasto, belonged, before 1200, to the lords of Revello that infeudavano to the Marquis of Busca. According to the archives of Fr Paul Doglio, current pastor homonymous village (who collected the data in a book of local history), the area of ​​Trezzo passed to Laurenti of Asti; the last descendant of this family was Gioannone who was the father of one daughter named Violante. The latter was married to Andrea Marquis of Busca, Ladies Cossano which were brought in dowry assets held for paternal Trezzo. The 6 September 1653, Gaspare di Search, sells his share to Count Alessandro Ferrero Savigliano. After passing the Galleani, return to the possessions already vassal of Philip Carlo Giuseppe Busca. The territory of Trezzo Tinella, is passed to the Savoy, by the Emperor Charles V, with that degree of 3 April 1531, donated it to his sister Beatrice of Savoy, mother of Emanuele Filiberto (together with Trezzo, in 1531, are passed to the Savoy other municipalities in the area). The town is very old, suggests the Provost Don Dry in a written 1862. Trezzo Tinella is called "eminent Borgo d'Alba. It is said Trezzo (ad tertiun lapidem) the third sign of miles away from Alba ... It is found that a castle was destroyed by the Goths fighting with the Romans about the time in which it was destroyed Pollenzo " (later the castle was rebuilt). Always according to the Provost, in the castle "there was relegated to a Prince Sforza prisoner. We stayed three queens: that of Spain, of Sardinia and of Hungary ". After several renovations, The castle is called the palace of the Marquis. The ruins of the manor house and its possessions, a metà 1800, passed to Mola di Larisse. The old building was later demolished, but nearby, during the Second World War, there arose the present rectory.

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